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Cubeta Multifuncional Plegable-Transparente con Azul

$ 197

Features:. 1 retractable elastic barrel, including the use made of a flexible material barrel, the barrel as an open upper end. 2. rest of the structure in the form of a closed surface, peripheral surface with the spring and the barrel, the barrel spring one end fixedly connected to the open end of the spring and the other end of the barrel closed end fixed link body circumferential surface, a bottom surface of the barrel outside the fixed installation made of a hard material useful for bottom of the barrel, in the upper part of the barrel made of flexible material useful for the design of the handle. 3. This product is a lightweight, space-saving, portable, durable and suitable for cars, fishing, painting, camping, BBQ and other outdoor activities, is a stylish and practical gift Oh! 4. with a slot on the barrel body hose, the hose can be fixed when the car wash.

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