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Generico Can Beer Bottle Opener


  • Can Opener
  • Beer Bottle Opener
  • High Quality

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$ 57

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┄┈ Firmly close the blade of the opener with the edge of the can.
┄┈ Twist the knob along the edge of the can until the can cover is totally opened.

1. High-quality stainless steel promises a smooth and shining surface and a strong and reliable body.
2. Easy and convenient for you to open different kinds of can cover with the sharp blade and gear.
3. Much more advanced than traditional can openers than will safe your strength and time to open can covers.
4. The open incision is smooth without uneven or sharp cut.

Color:  black
Material: stainless steel & rubber
Size: 5cm*18cm*4.8 cm

Package including
1 x Heavy Duty Can Opener