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Servilletero Nachuan Diseño Caja-Gris

$ 185

Multipurpose pumping tray, stylish simple and convenient storage of small items stored tissue boxes.

  • Top polished concave design, can be incorporated, mobile phones, remote controls, eyes, keys and other small items.
  • Bottom bottom of the design can be removed, easily removable tissue boxes loaded clean.
  • The bottom of these four silicone pads station feet slip.
  • Water chestnut edge smooth, comfortable, will not hurt the hand.

Dimensions: 6.7 x 5.2 x 5.5 inches. Weight: 400g.
Packing: Original boxed beautifully.
Products using AS + PP + silicone, it is not only a tissue box, concave design can be incorporated on top of small objects, versatile design, the bottom of the cover design silicone non-slip mat, designed a round hole in the middle, finger into the bottom can be opened, put into the tissue. Can be directly washed, not degenerate.
Stylish simplicity, convenience store paper towels and storing small items, let's home life is full of simple and elegant and modern. The top is carved concave light can be accommodated glasses, cell phone, remote control, keys and other small items, the effective use of the extra space. smart design at the bottom, easy handling paper towels, but with a non-slip silicone cushion.

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